The Island

The deep strait separating Bali from its eastern neighbour Lombok is believed to be the dividing line between Asia and Australia in geologic times. Contrasts between the two islands are marked. Bali lush, equatorial; Lombok drier, more rugged and with a completely different cast of fauna and flora.

Lombok retains all its pristine beauty and features some of the most spectacular geology on the planet. Easily reached by ferry or plane from Bali, the island has stretches of superb natural beach, fascinating local villages, ancient temples and palaces.

For an unforgettable experience catch the sunrise at the Pun Mayura Royal Gardens as the sea of water lilies unfolds. And make a point of visiting the stunning Sindenggile waterfall.

Lombok is dominated by the volcanic Rinjani Mountain which last erupted in 1901 leaving a caldera over two miles wide. Although not for the faint-hearted, a trek to this spectacular site can be undertaken by those reasonably fit and in search of a special experience.

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